Caritas Germany in Tajikistan

Caritas Germany is active in Tajikistan already over 25 years. It started its support for local NGOs in 1997, shortly after the civil war in Tajikistan. Since 2007 Caritas Germany maintains a local country office (COT) in Dushanbe/Tajikistan.

Caritas Germany has so far implemented a wide range of projects both in the spheres of Humanitarian Aid and Social Welfare. The areas of involvement cover Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Social Protection, Promotion of Inclusion and Integration of People with Disabilities, professional orientation of graduates of boarding schools, among others.

Caritas Germany implements its activity in rural areas, in regions that are far away from administrative centers, where access to social services is limited and communities are especially vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, people living in residential institutions and in nursing homes, social workers, community rehabilitation workers. Together with partners, Caritas Germany applies essential efforts to creating an inclusive society.

Joint efforts for sustainable development

On 30 August 2023 it was a great honour to welcome in Vahdat district, Mrs Alina Falzon, Counselor for the relations between Germany and Tajikistan at the Federal Foreign Office, the German Ambassador Designate to Tajikistan, Mr. York Schuegraf and Mr. Martin Langer, Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tajikistan.

Mrs. Alina Falzon made an official visit to Vahdat district to meet civil society representatives and to get to know their diverse efforts to build a locally organized social structure through projects for empowerment, human rights, gender equality, green-economy and social work together with their German counterparts like Caritas Germany.

The High-ranking guests had the opportunity to watch the inclusive earthquake simulation exercise of the secondary school #2 that included also people with disabilities. The exercise was organized by the representative office of the German Red Cross, with the assistance of the Red Crescent Society, the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defence of the Republic of Tajikistan, first aid teams, volunteers, and community members.

At the end, representatives of German organizations and their local partners organized a photo exhibition and a fair of works, where Mrs. Falzon had the opportunity to get to know everyone better inform herself about the projects.

The representatives of Caritas Germany with the local partner organization “Durahshon”, German Red Cross with the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan and the German Agro Action with “Bargi Sabz” shared their experience around sustainable development and promoting inclusion of people with disabilities in all spheres of life, etc.

Caritas Germany was pleased to present two regional projects of the CBR and Elderly care, both and a project to work with women-convicts, a colony for minors, homeless people and people from orphanages. We took this opportunity to express our gratitude to the representatives of the German Government for their long-term support and trust.